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Air Tank (TL 9)

Air Tank (TL 9)

500 Cr
Product Description

A complete set of air reservoirs and the appropriate breathing mask to allow independent breathing in smoke, dust, gas, or exotic atmospheres.

The tanks are filled with 2 hours of the appropriate breathing gases (for example, Air-4, Air-8) for the user. This apparatus can be used underwater. Also enables compressed-air-driven tool usage. Storage unit is typically coded to the air stored; for example, Air-6 for standard O-CO2-N human-breathable air, Air-9 for sophonts who breathe dense, tainted air, and so on. The size and composition of the storage medium depends largely on the tech level: lower tech levels store air in glass or metallic bottles, while higher tech levels may store it in more compact ceramic sponges, and so on.

Product Details
Mass (Kg):3

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