Communicator (Luxury)

Communicator (Luxury)
5 KCr
Product Description

This Comm has exceptional quality. It uses premier Naasirka electronics and software allowing the user an unparalleled productivity. An example of such a luxury item is the Naasirka CX-5700. The CX-5700 is known for its reliable hardware and excellent safety features. The luxury Comm is amazingly light, shaving just over 25 grams off the mass of the standard Communicator, and it feels lighter by far. Comms of this level show extreme amounts of customization such as natural materials and personalized agent software. Also included are custom security features such as sophisticated anti-intrusion programs and satellite locator functions.

Product Details
Mass (Kg):0.175
QREBS:Q+6 R+2 E+5 B-3 S+2

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