Eternity Circuit Module

Eternity Circuit Module
100 MCr
Product Description

Descended from the Molecular Dissembler, the Eternity Circuit Module (ECM) is a specialized molecular fabrication unit which requires administrative access to the ship's computer.

It performs three functions:

  • Installation. When installed, it studies the ship's systems from the ship's computer, using molecular analysis to record a genetic redundancy circuit for the ship's configuration.
  • Scan. Periodically scans the ship's systems for changes in state. New components are added to the overall configuration.
  • Restore. When a system is damaged, it uses the delta generated from the genetic circuit to gradually restore it to its original state, or as close as possible, via molecular fabrication.

Restoration time is measured by Quality, which maps to the number of damage levels the module can repair in a 1-ton (or less) item in one day. The ECM displaces one ton and requires access to raw materials for its operation.

Product Details
Mass (Kg):1000

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