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Matter Transporter (Artifact)

Matter Transporter (Artifact)

100 KCr
Product Description

The Matter Transporter is an artifact that transports matter from one point to another. This artifact looks like a large, deep blue seashell of some sort and has an opening in one side. Extending vertically below the opening is a black, rubbery strip. You can push into the rubbery surface of the band with your finger. Seen from above, the object has a teardrop-like shape.

Any object placed into the opening will be transported within a few seconds out to the range and direction set by the operator.

The black rubber strip is used to set the transportation range the first push sets the range, and the second push sets the distance above or below the level of the device. The point of the teardrop is pointed in the transportation direction desired. After about 15 minutes, if the device has not been used, the settings revert to their default minimums (10 meters range and zero distance above or below the device - that is, on its same level).

Objects must be able to be completely placed inside the compartment for a transport to take place. If any part of an object extends outside of the compartment, it will not be transported.

This device is a transporter; rather than a teleporter. The object is converted to energy and transmitted to the desired location, where it is converted back to raw matter: a raw dust of element granules.

Some have reported success in making the device operate as a teleporter.

Product Details
Mass (Kg):32

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