PR-317 class Police Robot

PR-317 class Police Robot
1.861 MCr
Product Description

The PR-317 class Police Robot is a Paramilitary Robot/Police Robot. It resembles a 1.5-meter tall clam with two manipulative arms to restrain tranqulized suspects and a small weapon mount attached to each side under the arm. This a gravity-suspended robot which relied on small ducted fans for maneuverability. It has several magnetic arms which can extend from the chassis to grip walls and secure the robot's position. The ducted fans do not have enough power to overcome an average human's strength. This robot is powered by internal batteries which require recharging approximately every four days.

History & Background
The Ling-Standard Products Police Robot Model 317 (PR-317) was a widespread security robot in the Diaspora sector before the Collapse. Modeled on the Zhodani medium WarBot encountered in great numbers during the Fifth Frontier War, the PR-317 has a fairly sophisticated artifical brain and weaponry which allowed a graduated response to a variety of security situations.

Product Details
Mfr:Ling-Standard Products
Mass (Kg):1000

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