AN-427 class Security Robot

AN-427 class Security Robot
1.811 MCr
Product Description

The AN-427 class Security Robot is a security robot. The ICAM Technology AN-427 security robot was a widely used security robot throughout the Imperium before the Collapse and has survived in considerable numbers due to its rugged reliability. It was programmed to patrol all areas of a sensitive installation, seek out and kill or incapacitate unauthorized intruders. Although it is not as mobile as grav-powered units, it is less expensive to operate, and replacement parts are easier to fabricate. This is a wheeled robot which experiences difficulty negotiating stairs, ladders, and any uneven ground. This robot is powered by internal batteries which require recharging every four days. It is armed with a Laser rifle and a 10mm CPR gun firing tranq rounds.

Product Details
Mfr:ICAM Technology
Mass (Kg):1685

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