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Antimatter Battery (Artifact)

Antimatter Battery (Artifact)

20 MCr
Product Description

The antimatter battery is a small box finished in grey metal, with two gold colored contacts on its upper surface. It operates by a controlled flow of antimatter against an ordinary matter core. Flow is metered in response to demand, and very high levels of current are available. Its two contacts will provide the output of an ACS Power Plant-1 for up to 10 years.

Antimatter batteries are quite resistant to damage, but are not impervious. They have an Armor Value equal to their TL (for a standard antimatter battery, this is AV 25). Penetrating armor will fracture battery casing and release energy.

Antimatter batteries are constructed to bleed energy slowly if broken or cracked. In such a case, the battery will flash brightly for up to one space combat turn (20 minutes) with very bright light and intense heat. Anyone at close range (5m) is subject to Burn-1 per combat round, and Burn-3 at Contact range.

Antimatter batteries may be linked together to generate correspondingly greater power: nine batteries chained together provides the output of an ACS Power Plant-9.

Product Details
Mass (Kg):25

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