Sylean Mint Plate Set

Sylean Mint Plate Set
49 Cr
Product Description

Collect them all! Indeed, all 436 worlds of the Spinward Marches are captured on the wonderful collectible plate series. Your first plate will be Regina, crown jewel of the March- es, featuring this beautiful world lit by the glow of Assiniboia and surrounded by cameos of: Duke Norris, Gratlina the Amindii, and a cityscape of Regina City. Then, every month, you will receive a new world from the Marches to hold in your hands and admire. These are beautiful works of art and a strictly limited edition, restricted to a mere 120 firing days per plate. order now so you won't be disappointed. Each plate, Cr49 by auto-deduction, plus shipping. Order Now!

Values may vary online at the Collector's Exchange. Also occasionally found in thrift stores = Cr5.

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Traveller 5.10 Core Rules Book 3 : Worlds and Adventures”, Miller, Marc , Far Future Enterprises